Club Penguin cheats



Below you will find a list of links to all of our available tracker. Read the description, and if you are interested in tracking that penguin, head over to that page. However note that these mascots are only come to the island at specific points throughout the year.

  • Aunt Arctic Tracker – View our tracker for the editor in chief for the Club Penguin Times. We have all of the details you need.
  • Brady Tracker – Meet the ultimate surfer from Teen Beach Movie, Brady. With your tracker, you’ll get to see him in no time.
  • Cadence Tracker – Find the island’s party maker, Cadence by using our 100% accurate tracking cheats.
  • Gary Tracker - Use our tips to find Gary on the island of Club Penguin instantly.
  • Herbert Tracker - Locate the whereabouts of the evil villian, Herbert and stop him for good.
  • McKenzie Tracker – Find McKenzie during the Summer Jam 2013 in no time. We have a 100% accurate tracker.
  • Penguin Band Tracker - Find the music makers of the island, by using our tips and tricks.
  • Puffle Handler Tracker - Want to find PH? Look no further, we have everything you need here.
  • Rockhopper Tracker - Locate the captain with our highly accurate Club Penguin Trackers.
  • Rookie Tracker - Want to know what Rookie is up to? Then check out all of our tips and tricks.
  • Sensei Tracker - Meet the wise and noble Sensei with our tracker.